hi my name is rachel and i like cute things 。◕‿◕。
attack-on-harukasbooty whispered: Fairy~
  1. clefable
  2. gardevoir
  3. togekiss
  4. florges
  5. sylveon
  6. azumarill

thanks for asking! ♥

ceata88 whispered: Grass and fighting

yay thank you!!


  1. lilligant ♥
  2. roserade
  3. whimsicott
  4. meganium
  5. venusaur
  6. leavanny


  1. mienshao
  2. breloom
  3. lucario
  4. virzion
  5. blaziken
  6. scrafty


Aaaand so season two ended after one episode.


HeartGold: Grass and trees flourish in the forests in which it has appeared.


Send me a Pokemon type and I’ll list my six favorite of that type


If you don’t think celebi is adorable i don’t know if we can be friends


I should not have made a new print the night before AX starts but HOW COULD I POSSIBLY RESIST CANON MERMAN HARU

Prints are available here if you can’t grab one at Anime Expo this weekend!

'Anna, watching her, saw that her eyes were the same colour as the sea, and her hair, blowing across her face, was pale yellow, like the dry grasses on the sand, only lighter. She thought she was the prettiest girl she had ever seen.'

Sleepy Promo~ First 20+


mbf me plsu ~

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first 5 get simple brs out of /10 ;; 3 random screenies , rest in lists of 10

doing this whenever it reaches ~~


hey you guys should go vote for free! in the fandom of the year competition!! it would be the greatest thing ever if we won. it takes no time at all to make an account and you can vote as many times as you want!